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BNBM Group’s new housing business has nearly RMB 2 Billion investment, and covers planning and design, production integration, construction and project development. It is the core platform for new housing business and part of the rapid development of CNBM ’s “3 New” industries.

BNBM Group’s housing business commenced in 1979s, and is engaged in and committed to research and promotion of new housing. BNBM Group has a complete industrial chain, and has established bases in Beijing, Sichuan, Jiangsu, Heilongjiang and Hainan, forming a nationwide industrial structure. Its building products utilize world-leading technologies, have industrialized production, and have a comprehensive supply chain management system and professional logistics and installation service system, providing green and low-carbon building solutions to clients. BNBM Group was identified by the Ministry of Construction (now the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development) to be among the first batch of national housing industrialization bases. Its products and services are now distributed in dozens of countries and regions all over the world.

BNBM Group’s subsidiary firm BNBM House Co., Ltd. possesses world-class independent intellectual property rights and technologies in light steel structure housing. It is the chief editor or participating editor for numerous industrial standards. Its Beijing Modern Building Institute has Class A Architectural Design Certification, and has rich research and practical experience in ecological building materials and buildings, as well as ecological environmental works.

Prefabricated Housing

One-stop Design, Production and Installation Service

Benefits & Features

What is " Energy Plus " House?
  • 1.Safe

    Earthquake Resistance & Wind Protection

    Meets 9 degree seismic intensity requirements and can withstand Level 12 typhoon. The entire building uses flexible structures, and connections adopt special accessories for reliable and firm connection, thus the building has highly improved seismic resistance and wind protection.

    Fire Safety

    Use of composite envelope wall and comprehensive use of class-A non-combustible fire-rated materials ensures the building meets fire protection design standards.


    Ninety-five years structural safety design. Both steel structures and bolts are treated with high performance anti-corrosion process (galvanizing, aluminum-zinc coating or magnesium-aluminum-zinc coating), and corrosion-resistance layer’s self-repairing function also ensures the main structure does not corrode.

  • 2.Comfortable

    Ventilation & Moisture Proofing

    The unique open ventilation layer design uses hot air convection principle to achieve external wall ventilation and moisture proofing. The “unidirectional breathing paper” added in between the main structure and external wall’s finishing layer, effectively prevents moisture or other corrosive gases from entering the main structure, thereby preventing indoor condensation in cold areas.

    Sound Insulation & Noise Reduction

    Sound insulation material is filled inside internal and external walls, and underneath floor slabs to ensure the building complies with national building sound insulation standards. The building has professional enhanced sound insulation to create a quiet and comfortable living environment, keeping in mind human auditory sensitivity.

  • 3.Energy-saving

    Energy Utilization

    The latest Energy Plus 5.0 products have changed traditional energy supply system. Comprehensive use of renewable energy technologies such as photovoltaic power generation, photothermal radiation, home wind power, geothermal energy and biogas not only help achieve self-sufficiency for power, but also supply power externally. Therefore, a true “green and ecological smart” house can be created by grid connecting and storing generated energy, reducing peak power consumption, and making up for low power generation, by fully integrating smart home furnishing, fresh air, sewage treatment, rainwater collection systems, etc.

    Heat Preservation & Heat Insulation

    The “dual heat insulation” + “dual separation layer” based wall heat insulation and energy saving technology, and unique heat reflection and interlayer ventilation design enhance the building envelope’s thermal insulation. This nullifies thermal bridge phenomenon and provides over 75% energy savings for the building, ensuring indoor warmth during winter and coolness in summer.

  • 4.Efficient

    Easy Installation

    Factory prefabricated components with onsite assembly ensure construction time is greatly reduced. Take a 200 m² independent house for example; it takes 5 to 7 days to install the main structure, and interior and outdoor decorations can be completed in 2 months. Furthermore, as it is mostly dry work, construction can also be carried out in northern regions during winter.

    Flexible Layout

    With wall thickness approximately half of traditional structures, internal floor area is increased by over 10%. The entire building is supported by external load-bearing walls; hence indoor space can be arranged flexibly.

Product Type

BNBM House products are comprehensive, energy efficient and green building products which are based on light-gauge steel structure technology integrating architecture, exterior and interior decoration, thermal and acoustic insulation, plumbing and electrical appliances, supporting equipment and ecology, etc. which are widely used in developed countries.

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