OU SONG ® Oriented Strand Board

Oriented strand board is internationally referred to as OSB, with renewable fast-growing fresh pine as raw material and formaldehyde free isocyanate (PMDI) as adhesive. It is made by international advanced processes including directional paving, continuous hot press molding and real-time online monitoring. It is a safe material recognized by Europe and the United States for decoration, house building, and furniture making.

As China’s OSB market pioneer, BNBM Group has been committed to the promotion and application of Oriented Strand Board (OSB) in China, including a number of researches and innovations of OSB for decoration, flooring, furniture, decorative panels, sound-absorbing panels, housing construction and other areas, since the end of the 1990s. In 2003, its own brand and trademark "OU SONG" was registered. Nowadays, BNBM Group has developed into the largest and most influential professional OSB supplier in China.

OU SONG® products are directly supplied from large forest farms around the world or by some well-known vendors such as EGGER Forestry and LP which provide all-inclusive certification programs. In addition, special warehouses are built in main areas for business. We provide our domestic customers with "One-stop" services embracing raw material procurement, customs clearance, storage & logistics, distribution & settlement, technical support, and financial instruments.

Main Applications

Category of Application Place of Origin Standards Class Application Conditions
Decoration Europe EN 300-2006
LY/T 1580-2010
T/CNFPIA 1001-2016
OSB2 Loading board/
Suitable for indoor dry condition
OSB3 Loading board/
Suitable for wet condition
South America OSB2 Loading board/
Suitable for indoor dry condition
Structural Building South America PS 2-10
Short-term exposure to open air or humid environment
STRUCTURAL-I-SHEATHING/EXPOSURE I Structural cladding board/
Short-term exposure to open air or humid environment
North America STRUCTURAL-I-SHEATHING/EXTERIOR Structural cladding board/
Long-term exposure to open air or humid environment

OSBs are customizable in response to your special needs (MOQ: 500m3).

Product Features

  • 100% imported

    OSB products are produced by the largest OSB OEM in Europe and America. Upholding the 3A standard (Anytime, Anywhere, Anypiece), we promise to provide every piece of “OU SONG” board which is in compliance with LY/T1580-2010, EN300-2006, PS2-10, GB/T18580-2017, and other related standards.

  • Top - level environmental protection

    "OU SONG" board is the premium eco-friendly material which is ideal for creating a healthy and comfortable space, as its formaldehyde emission is only 0.3-0.5mg/100g (mean value obtained from the test), which is equal to 0.003-0.005ppm (formaldehyde naturally contained in wood; for instance, an oak emits 0.009ppm of formaldehyde), far below the E0 European formaldehyde emission standard (5mg/100g).

  • 100% fresh pine as raw material

    100% fresh Euro-pine or Ray-pine is used as raw materials, with the bark peeled.

  • Stable structure without deformation

    The product is of three-layer structure, in which the core layer and the surface layer is arranged in a crisscross pattern, effectively eliminating the internal stress of the wood and keeping the whole structure even and stable.

Examples of Application

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